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“Success will come from Simplicity”- Robin Sharma

Yea, I truly agree. If the techniques of doing better than others and getting successful is not within you, trust me, no matter how expensive you study, you can never create wonders in life. Success comes from within. You’re simplicity; attitude, abilities and efforts do it all. 
Anyone who learns from their mistakes comes ahead with the best personality. This is trait of simplicity and success subsequently.

Love yourself: Mantra to Real Happiness

Warren Buffet said, “There will never be a better you than you” since you don’t have any replicas.
That’s a good enough reason to love yourself. Isn’t it?
But more than 90% of the world has decided to stay away of this fact.
We screw our lives:
By not trusting ourselves and trusting others. By loving those who often don’t love us back.By spending on those who don’t value our efforts.By not realizing our own worth.Basically, we do everything for those who never appreciate us.
And then we cry and feel bad about how we ruined our lives!
On the contrary, if we realize our real worth and start believing on ourselves, there is nothing in the world that can spoil our happiness as the real happiness is within.
We have to understand one thing that no matter what you do, you cannot make everyone around you happy so better stop trying to do that and stay happy on your own.
Once you decide to love yourself, you can feel a positive aura around that will always help you to take wise decisions …

Lets get social

Let’s Get Social” .. The three words have been used hell lot times all around the web to spread awareness and importance of social media. Still its being used here again, simply to precise on the same intend again. The Mantra works....seriously...!
Getting social here simply means getting more and more associated within your own network by the way of Content.
In social media, Content works big time.
In order to popularizing yourself or your brand, three things work:
Content – Sharing – Involving
Content: Anything you find interesting and thought provoking. Sharing: Publish them on your page or you wall. Let people see and get influenced. Keep sharing one after the other. Involve: Once shared, try to extract your audience’s thoughts by keeping them involved.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more like such are amazing platform that, over a period of time, can help you in building your brand, may be in the form of your venture or your own self. But that depends totally on you and you…

Never regret anything that makes you laugh..

We usually regret to everything that did made us smile earlier but later end up hurting us...but that should not be the case. One needs to be positive in all approach. If you had the courage to be strong enough to upfront the consequences as well...